Even if the air isn’t exactly crisp, it’s time to start readying your rental near East Rutherford, NJ, for fall. And what is more autumnal than football season!? Living in this area probably means you at least know that two of the country’s most famous football teams play here, so why not celebrate the season by getting your home ready to host every Sunday (or Thursday… or Monday depending on the schedule)? Here are some tips for hosting unforgettable football festivities every weekend.


The most important part of football is the game, right? Now’s the time to make sure your rental near East Rutherford, NJ, has a viewing spot adequate to catch all the action. If you don’t have the space for a huge TV, you can always hook up a projector and take over a wall! They’re relatively inexpensive (about $50 online) and can provide a true wow-factor at your next football gathering. Hey, if the weather’s nice, take it outside and invite the whole neighborhood!


What goes along with football? FOOD! Don’t forget to have a generous spread at your rental near East Rutherford, NJ. Whether you’re just ordering some pizza and wings, or you’re hosting a football-themed dish-to-pass, make sure everyone has options to last the entire day. Remember, Sundays are FULL of football action and even if your team is only playing one game all the other results still matter when it comes to the playoffs!


If you can’t actually go to the game, make your rental near East Rutherford, NJ, just as spirited as if you were sitting in the stands. Break out the décor to back up the excitement of the game. Wear your jersey, throw up some signs, layout some noisemakers. Anything that will get you into the spirit of being at the game!

Oh, and don’t forget, enjoy!

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