Finding the perfect apartment for rent near Willingboro, NJ is the first step in creating your own home. The second step is putting your style stamp on it and figuring out what you want your apartment décor to say. However, many people who are venturing out into their first apartment don’t have a ton of extra cash to throw around when sprucing up and individualizing the space. That’s ok! You too can have a unique, fun, and freshly decorated home on a dime.

Build it. Did you know that building your own stuff can be a lot cheaper than buying it? With some simple supplies from any home improvement store, and a little sweat equity, you can create long-lasting and beautiful pieces for half the cost. Mind you, you’ll need a little bit of space and a little bit of skill, but the result will be something you’ll cherish forever. Try your hand at building your own coffee table, end tables, or dining table for your new apartment for rent near Willingboro, NJ. Your wallet and your soul will be pleased!

Memories on display. Finding enough space to display all your framed memories can be challenging. You can only fit so many bookcases or shelves in your Willingboro apartment! Instead of taking up precious real estate on shelves, why not hang a photo rail and make your memories a focal point of any room? Finding a decorative bar and ensuring that you secure it to the wall in a way that can hold the weight of your frames can make for a great conversation piece that doesn’t cost a ton. Even a simple black bar can be transformed with a little spray paint and vision!

Paint it. Speaking of paint, you can use it to transform nearly anything! From furniture to fabric and anything in between, using the right kind of paint to make something boring into something spectacular can be a cost-effective way to go about decorating your first apartment. Scour the dollar store and see if there are materials you can spruce up. For example, finding plain place mats and using some paint to make them your own can really add to your dining space. Or, if you’re really creative, make your own tapestry! Anything is possible when it comes to paint as long as you have a little imagination.

Making an apartment for rent in Willingboro, NJ can be rewarding but doesn’t have to break your bank. Think outside the price tag and figure out DIYs to express yourself!