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    Living in Willingboro, NJ

    Formerly called Levittown, much of Willingboro Township was developed by George Levitt during the 1950s post-World War II housing boom. In 1963, the boroughs name was changed to Willingboro, and today, this Burlington County community is home to approximately 36,500 residents. Willingboro has an area of 7.8 square miles and manages 8 public schools, including 5 elementary schools, 1 upper elementary school, 1 middle school, and 1 high school. In addition, the township is home to a campus of Strayer University.

    A diverse and nature-filled township, Willingboro features 8 parks, including Broido Park, Crystal Lake, Fairmount Park and Millcreek Park. Willingboro Lakes Nature Preserve is the most undeveloped of the outdoor areas, complete with an assortment of lakes, trails and a range of wildlife. In addition, the township operates the Kennedy Center, a large, multi-functional recreational facility and community center, which serves as both a sports hub and a venue for social interaction amongst residents. Willingboro also offers 23 privately-run houses of worship and a thriving independent library. For more information about events, activities, and places of interest in Willingboro, NJ CLICK HERE!

    Willingboro is accessible via I-295 and US-130. By car, the township is approximately 30 minutes from Philadelphia. Additionally, NJ Transits 409 bus line provides service from Willingboro to Philadelphia. Browse our Willingboro apartments for rent below.