You know something is REALLY good for you when it impacts you positively in every facet of your life. Outdoor rock climbing ranks among the highest in fulfilling that ‘something.’ 

Here are 8 benefits that make the life of an outdoor rock climber so worth living;

  1. Increases your strength 
  2. Burns calories
  3. Improves your balance
  4. Improves mental health & general problem solving
  5. Involves community
  6. Invites you to explore
  7. Increases your confidence
  8. Increases your cardio endurance

Woodbridge residents at  Fox Hill RunForest ViewEvergreen EastEvergreen Forest and Cloverleaf Gardens can get a taste for the climber life on May 9 @7pm when the Woodbridge Public Library presents an INTRODUCTION TO OUTDOOR ROCK CLIMBING. The event is hosted by Joey Vulpis, owner of Northeast Mountain Guiding and co-founder of the American Hiking Guides Association which has established itself in the United States as the governing body for training and certification for hiking and backpacking guides. 

This is a hybrid event taking place virtually and in-person at the Woodbridge Main Library. If you do not feel comfortable attending the event in-person, the library will also be streaming the event via Zoom. Either way, registration is required. Please register by clicking here or call 732-634-4450.

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