The opening minutes of Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster movie epic “Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind” reveals a series of unfolding unusual discoveries. From old World War 1 aircraft in perfect condition to a boat in the middle of the dessert, the mystery deepens and the question remains; how did that get there? New Jersey has it’s own series of how-did-that-get-there mysteries to ponder. Consider the train graveyard off the coast of Long Branch where two rare locomotives from the 1850s lay preserved under 90 feet of water.  It remains a mystery how the two steam engines were sunk. There is no historical record of them ever being built and no record of them being lost. Woodbridge residents at  Fox Hill Run,  Forest ViewEvergreen EastEvergreen Forest and Cloverleaf Gardens are invited to attend the Woodbridge Public Library’s virtual presentation entitled “Sunken Locomotives of New Jersey” on Thursday 12/10 @7pm.  Presenter Dan Lieb, president of the New Jersey Historical Divers Association, is uniquely qualified for the task having personally identified fourteen wrecks off the New Jersey coast. Lieb appeared on the History Channel’s program “Deep Sea Detectives” in September of 2004 featuring the discovery of the Long Branch locomotive graveyard as investigated by NJHDA.

By clicking here you can register for this free Zoom virtual event.  On the day before the program you will be sent the Zoom meeting information by email.
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