According to the CDC, diabetes exacts a cost of $327 billion dollars in medical costs and lost work and wages. People with diabetes shoulder more than twice the average medical costs that people without the disease have. Before insulin was discovered 101 years ago, people with the disease didn’t live long lives. While you may know of seniors who struggle as diabetics, nowadays, the number of people with diabetes is greater than ever and people are developing the disease at younger ages and at higher rates. At the end of the day, the more we know about diabetes, the more we can do about preventing it, delaying it, or lessening its harmful effects.

To that end, Woodbridge residents at  Fox Hill RunForest ViewEvergreen EastEvergreen Forest and Cloverleaf Gardens can benefit themselves and those they love, care for and know by attending the Woodbridge Public Library’s presentation on November 17 @ 1pm entitled ALL ABOUT DIABETES. 

The programs presenter, Reema Patel M.D, FACE, Medical Director, Diabetes and Endocrinology Center Hackensack Meridian Health, will discuss signs and symptoms of Pre-Diabetes and Diabetes and what you can do about it.

November is Diabetes Awareness Month so you’re in the right season to learn about the seventh leading cause of death in our country – you can make a difference!  Registration is required and by clicking here you can attend in-person this event at the main library or you can call 732-634-4450 instead. 

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