With the last Thursday in November just around the corner, many of us will be experiencing a Thanksgiving unlike any other.  Many a dining room table – like mine – will not be needing the extra inserts for the dozen or so guests we’d be hosting who will be similarly preparing their own much quieter turkey day feast.

That should not stop any of us from having a day of gratitude and fine cuisine! There is much to be grateful for and personally, I already have my sights set on a sumptuous feast I’l be helping my wife prepare.

She handles the turkey and the stuffing and my favorite scalloped potato casserole. My contribution – brioche bread pudding with caramel sauce – is going to be prepared with the same careful attention for two as I would for a dozen people. Based on my love of caramel sauce (and the Jack Daniels bourbon flavored accent applied) I always make more than the recipe calls for. Dessert is my weakness and I’m always curious to find a new treat or some interesting background about those sweets I crave.

Woodbridge residents at Fox Hill RunForest View, Evergreen East, Evergreen Forest and Cloverleaf Gardens can now widen their own Thanksgiving day palettes come Tuesday November 10 at 7pm when the Woodbridge Library hosts a virtual presentation entitled, “Sweet Treats: Desserts & Delicacies from the Garden State.” Just the program title alone has has my curiosity (and taste buds) piqued. As a native born New Jersey-ite and history buff, I am especially interested in learning about what the program alludes to as “culinary traditions from the 18th & 19th century.”

The program is being led by Hilary May of Madisons “Museum of Early Trades and Crafts” who will explain how those treats we enjoy today have changed over the last 2 centuries.  Additionally, we can expect to learn more about the process and ingredients of making these food items then and now giving us some perspective as to how things have – or have not – changed over time.

By clicking here you can register right here for this virtual presentation and on the day before the program the Zoom meeting information will be sent to you by email. 

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