Keeping your home safe and sound during bitter winter temperatures is key in surviving the season. Rentals near Perth Amboy, NJ come with a host of benefits when it comes to dealing with winter weather. Ideally, you’re not tasked with digging out from a snow storm as your community handles the plowing and shoveling. However, there are some safety tips and other things to keep in mind when battling bitter cold this winter.

  1. Space heaters. Space heaters can be a great way to keep warm at home. If you and your roommate or significant other have different visions of what “warm” means, then popping on a space heater can settle the debate. However, these convenient little gadgets come with a grate responsibility. Space heaters are one of the most frequent things that cause fires. Make sure to never leave your space heater on, plugged in, and unattended. When you’re not at home – unplug it. You’ll also want to monitor its function all the time. Don’t plug it into an extension cord or power strip and always plug it directly into an outlet.
  2. Protecting your floors. Salt and grime can build up when winter hits. Don’t track all that mess into rentals near Perth Amboy! Put a heavy-duty mat outside your door so you can wipe your shoes off before entering your apartment. Right inside the door, pop down a plastic tray where your winter footwear can live. If you take your shoes off right when you get in the door, you want track all the gunk onto floors that you’ll later have to clean.
  3. Clear heating elements. Rentals near Perth Amboy may have a variety of heating elements from radiators to base-board heating to vents, but no matter the method, make sure your belongings are clear of them! Most modern ways of heating are safe, but keeping your furniture and things clear of them not only ensures additional safety but makes them more effective.

It’s the time to hunker down in rentals near Perth Amboy, NJ. You have just a few more weeks until spring arrives, but this is usually the worst part of winter. Don’t let your guard down and be sure to practice safety to ride out the cold temps!