While we may not be able to bring all of the outdoor elements into our home over the winter season (preserving snow may just be TOO difficult), we still have tremendous options when it comes to bringing the winter wonderland into your apartment near Old Bridge, NJ. The best part when it comes to decorating your home this way is that all you need to do is take a trip outside! What a kind favor to your wallet this time of year.

  1. Wreath it up

You have tons of options when it comes to creating your own wreath using the outdoors for your required materials. Pinecones are always a safe go-to, but don’t forget about using some fallen off pine needles from your Christmas tree or even some malleable branches from trees just outside! And hey, bonus points if you find any winterberries for some added color!

  1. Vitamin C

Some people may not equate citrus fruits with winter or the holidays, but consider using oranges, lemons, or even limes to pops of color into your holiday décor. Combine a bowl of lemons with pine needles or weave clementines into your holiday wreath for some personality—and a treat if you ever need a hint of sweet!

  1. Spheres of green

A favorite space-saving go-to when it comes to apartment decorating are the snappable ornament spheres you can grab at any craft store. These are also great if you’ve got curious furry friends in your apartment that may perhaps get a little too curious from time to time—the spheres will keep anything inside safe from harm including pine cones, winter leaves, or fallen branches from your holiday tree.

  1. Nature’s wall hanging

You more than likely have not considered hanging a tree branch as decoration, but if you don’t have a fireplace in your apartment near Old Bridge, NJ, consider hanging your stockings from this outdoor feature. This will not only bring the outdoors in, but it will give your home a unique and quite natural look! Be sure to select a sturdy branch and secure it tightly – those stockings can get heavy!