Now that you’re all moved into your new apartment near Secaucus, NJ you might be brainstorming décor ideas, so you can make it your own. Since you’re renting, you might also be keeping in mind damage control. From hanging frames to installing hooks to thinking about adding in wall color or texture, you might be a bit hesitant. Luckily, however, you can still get creative with wallpaper – without the worry!

  1. Frame It

If you’re simply in love with a certain pattern or texture and don’t want to commit to covering your walls, think about adding in just an accent by framing a piece of it for the wall. This way, you’ll still get the personality and the attitude of the pattern, but you also won’t be ruining your walls and worrying about removing it when you decide to move out. Apartments near Secaucus, NJ can be as unique as their residents with the vast range of wallpaper designs and textures!

  1. Customize Your Furniture

Do you have something in your apartment that feels just a bit bland? Ready to introduce some color and texture to it? Take a boring bookshelf or tabletop and wrap it with your favorite wallpaper. Not only will your pieces have brand new life, but you’ll feel like the next top décor designer!

  1. Open the Doors

If you’re feeling a bit daring and want to take a walk on the adventurous side, consider personalizing your accent doors. If you have specific paneling on your hallway closets or even your pantry doors in at apartments near Secaucus, NJ it might be fun to cover certain areas with neutral colors to bring in some texture or personality to otherwise simple and basic entryways. Be sure to use removeable wallpaper though!

  1. Think Outside the Box

If you’re still trying to be rental-friendly with wallpaper, consider getting a bit 3-D with your approach. If you don’t have shadow shadow-box frames already, look into them! Not only are they great décor for your space, but you can customize them by adding in your favorite wallpaper in the back. You can take it one step further by adding in scenic paper, like an ocean view or a tropical sunset to make your walls look like windows to a far-off space.