We all seem to accumulate baskets over the years, whether from gifts, an impulse buy, or hand-me-downs. But what to do with this plethora of baskets in your Roselle Park, NJ, apartment? If you have a stockpile you don’t want to part with, here are some great uses for your baskets around the home.


An easy way to incorporate baskets into décor and function at your Roselle Park, NJ, apartment is using them for storage. Baskets can be used in several ways as storage. Not only can they spruce up various spots in your living area, like near the entertainment center or by the couch, they can be used vertically to save space and increase storage. Affix baskets to your walls to provide extra storage without taking up floor space – of course, always check your property’s policies before doing so!


If you have bigger, standalone baskets, think about how you can use them as shelving. You don’t necessarily have to attach them to walls either. Do you have a small spot in the bathroom of your Roselle Park, NJ, apartment? Turn a taller basket on its side and store some towels there. You can also stack baskets to act as shelving – just make sure you’re not storing anything fragile in them. Speaking of shelving, if you have existing shelving in your apartment, use baskets to organize your items on the shelves. Maybe you have lots of kitchen towels for every season – store those that are out of season in cute baskets on open kitchen shelves.


Do you have a really pretty basket you want to display? Consider using it as a planter for your favorite foliage. Obviously, you’ll need a water-tight container to actually house the plant, but you can drop that right in your basket and display it proudly in your apartment. If you have tiny baskets, consider using succulents in them as a focal décor point in your Roselle Park, NJ, apartment.


Wire baskets have been a trend in home décor for some time, so it’s likely you have least a few hanging around. One unique way to incorporate these into your home is using them as organizers. Depending on the gauge of the wire and sturdiness of construction, they can be used for a myriad of things. For smaller wire baskets, flip them over and affix them to your wall – then you can hang jewelry on them instead of shoving it all in a box. Display your baubles! For larger wire baskets, use this same concept and affix them to a space in your kitchen, get some hooks and display all your kitschy and cute coffee mugs.

Don’t let baskets overwhelm the space in your Roselle Park, NJ, apartment. Some quick tricks will provide extra storage in no time!