You’re busy! So, having an entire weekend to devote to changing something about one of the many apartments close to Newark seems out of reach. That doesn’t mean you can’t transform your space in just an hour – that’s right, 60 minutes! Making changes at home doesn’t have to be an overwhelming project or be incredibly involved. There are quick ways to update your space when you don’t have tons of time to spare. Here are some things you can do even on a weeknight to update your home.


No, clearly we don’t mean paint your entire apartment or even a room in your apartment in less than an hour. But, what you can paint is a feature in your home. Some apartments close to Newark may technically allow painting as long as it’s back to how it was before you move out. So, don’t let the fear of renting a space stop you from personalizing it! Painting a feature – like a closet door or small corner of the apartment – can give a pop of color and provide an accent piece where there was none before. Get creative and get personal!


A super quick way to transform your space in less than an hour is to hang stuff! You can either replace some pieces that have outstayed their welcome or finally get around to personalizing that blank space that’s been living in your home as long as you have. The sky is the limit when it comes to hanging new décor. From tapestries to mirrors to large pieces of artwork, there’s truly something for everyone, so find something you love and run with it!


Using an accent piece or wall is a great way to transform any space quickly. If you aren’t really into painting an entire wall, you can easily add some removable decals to create an accent wall in an hour or less. Or, replace a piece of furniture and build a look around it – it serves as a focal point and allows you to quickly update the feel of your space.

Apartments close to Newark don’t have to be cookie cutter by any means. With a little bit of imagination and just an hour, you can personalize your space easily!