Want to throw a party for the upcoming holiday season, but you’re worried that the limited living space that comes with apartment life isn’t conducive to comfortably entertaining your closest pals? Fret not. We have a few tips that will set you up for the most successful party this holiday season, and all from your new rental near Old Bridge, NJ.

Rearrange your furniture.

While people are over, they’ll all congregate wherever the food is, and that’s likely the living room and/or kitchen, so you’ll want to open these rooms as much as possible. If you have any excess furniture or decor that doesn’t need to remain behind, find a new home for it. Clear up as much floor space as you can — without eliminating seating or surfaces for presenting food — so guests have plenty of room to mingle. Your bedroom can become a temporary storage room so everyone can enjoy the party without feeling claustrophobic.

Watch that thermostat.

Speaking of claustrophobia, there’s nothing that can make a person feel that way than excessively warm temperatures in an already tight living space. Try to make sure any food that needs to be cooked is prepared before the guests arrive, so that the oven doesn’t have to be on. And don’t be afraid to crack a window or two open and let some fresh air in. Your guests will thank you.

Collect those jackets.

Go out of your way to take the jackets from your guests as they arrive, so you can be sure they’re all kept in the same area. It’s a simple move, but having a single spot for guest belongings helps to reduce the appearance of clutter.

Minimize excess waste.

Let’s be honest: You’re not going to want to do a trash run or worry about picking up stray plates left around the apartment all night. So stick to lighter finger foods and snacks that everyone can enjoy in smaller bites throughout the night. This way, they’ll turn to a napkin or two rather than larger plates. And whether you use real glasses or plastic, have a means for guests to mark theirs — like a sharpie or wine glass charm — so they can keep track throughout the night.

Disperse the nosh.

As we mentioned previously, people like to hover around the food, so instead of one centralized place for it all, spread it out. By doing so, you’ll essentially force everyone to move around to different spots if they want to sample a little bit of everything.


So you see, just because you’re a renter doesn’t mean you’re out of the holiday party–hosting business. It just takes a little imagination to transform your new rental near Old Bridge, NJ, into the holiday hotspot of the year.