If you’re renting an apartment near Hillsborough, that means one thing: you’re financially smart and budgeting your money. Whether you’re saving for a house of your own someday, working your way through school, or simply in-between life stages, your apartment should still be your home—a reflection of you. But the last thing you want your home to look like is “frugal” or “financially reasonable” – you want it to look chic and expensive! Here are few easy and practical ways to make your apartment feel and look luxurious and pricey.

  1. Minimalism is key

It might be easy to think or assume that the more you have, the higher the value. Currently, however, the simple look is coveted and also incredibly practical. With less “things,” your home can look more spacious and by default, simply bigger, which of course, fools the subconscious into thinking “more expensive.” Since you’re on a budget, this approach is incredibly cooperative since less is more!

  1. Choose your theme

It can be hard to do this without looking too cheesy or put-together—have you ever seen a room so coordinated that it felt like you were in a paint-by-number? A good start is to pick a staple piece with a simple color or pattern, then design and decorate the rest of your space step by step from there. Either stay with the color family or stick with a common pattern with slight deviation—these small changes will make sure you stay away from that overly-designed feel.

  1. Don’t hide your sentimental items

Since you’re budgeting, you may not have the luxury to purchase the décor items that you wish or to redesign an entire room’s aesthetics. What you do have, however, which makes you a different kind of “rich,” are mementos and stories. Pull out those family heirlooms and get creative with how you want to display them. Pull out your Polaroids from childhood and make a wall collage, or display your ticket stub scrapbook in your living room so you can be reminded of all your adventures.

With a few simple tricks, apartments near Hillsborough will be chic and classy in no time, no matter your budget!