If you’re looking for a unique way to decorate your home and you’re a bit intimidated over the thought of creating and organizing a gallery wall, here’s something a bit different to consider for apartments near Willingboro and beyond. Nowadays, we can display practically anything due to the advancement in framing capabilities and our attention to incredible detail; do you have your mother’s “something blue” and want to treasure it with display? Did your grandfather hand down his letterman’s jacket for you to keep but don’t want it collecting dust bunnies? Consider decorating your Willingboro apartment with these family heirlooms so you can not only keep them safe, but you can admire them with fond and pleasant memories.

  1. Pick up the mat board

One board will be the base of your frame’s content, so be sure that one is large enough to fit the frame. The other board will be cut out to the shape of your clothing item and will be sewn on the inside to provide proper stance within the frame.

  1. Lay and trace

Position the garment on the board in the way you’d like to see presented in the frame. Lightly trace around the clothing item and make tiny marks on the liner board with where you anticipate connecting the garment to the back board. Grab a push pin and punch holes into those marks so that when it comes time to sew the garment into the back board, it’s super easy.

  1. Slide and place

With the board that’s cut for the inside of the garment, begin sliding it on the inside so you can then align it with the back board. Again, make sure it’s in a spot on the back board where you can envision it being on display—think centered.

  1. Thread and go!

Now all you need to do is thread the needle and line and begin aligning the two boards. It might be a bit rough initially to get the flow moving, but you’ll pick it up quickly! The final step is simply framing your final piece and choosing where to display!

Finding unique ways to decorate apartments near Willingboro, NJ and beyond can set any home apart from the crowd. Showcase your heirlooms instead of keeping them tucked away.