Living on a budget is a smart and practical way of managing your finances. Renting an apartment can give you incredible independence, and it’s also a strong lesson in budget management. But outfitting West Windsor rentals can seem out of reach for those counting pennies. The dollar store can be an awesome one-stop-shop for all the necessities as well as all the things you DIDN’T know you needed. To keep your West Windsor rental stocked, stylish, and under budget, here are some incredibly useful dollar store finds.

  1. Stock up on beauty products

You might be surprised at the quality of personal care brands and products that these locations carry. Skip the drugstore and check out the selection at the dollar store instead. Bulk up on shampoo, hand wash, and even face wipes so you can worry less about the small fortune you may normally spend on these products.

  1. Home décor

If you’re a sucker for the home departments at big-box retailers, consider taking a detour to your local dollar store for things like glassware, candle holders, and picture frames. You can decorate your West Windsor rental with reasonably priced items like these without breaking the bank. Furthermore, they’re so stylish that these pieces might inspire you to re-theme your whole apartment!

  1. Kitchen essentials

Items like sponges, dish soap, and even storage containers can all be found in the dollar store, meaning you don’t have to price check everything you put in your cart. Living on a budget doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the essentials or even the desirables. Bonus: most dollar stores also supply food, so be sure to hit these aisles to stock up on basics like spices, condiments, and snacks.

  1. Treat yourself

Since you’re saving so much money on the everyday essentials, you can feel less guilty if you feel the temptation to put something you don’t necessarily need in your cart for your West Windsor, NJ apartment. Pick up a cute journal so you can document your finances or scoop up a nail polish that you normally wouldn’t try—hey, you can afford it! Besides, you’re in your own place now—don’t forget that you can still live a little while maintaining a budget.