Having a toolkit prepared for any minor issue at your Piscataway apartment is essential. Thankfully, maintenance can handle most things, but sometimes you might need to fix it yourself. Here are some key tools to keep in your personal kit.

  1. Studfinder – The last thing you want to do is cause major wall damage to your Piscatway apartment by trying to hang your favorite, heavy mirror straight into drywall. A studfinder will help you find an anchor for any large or heavy pieces you want to hang up. Be sure to have the right accessories to affix the piece to the wall as well.
  2. Tape Measure – A tape measure can come in handy in lots of scenarios. Not only do you need to measure the distance of holes before mounting your flat screen TV, you want to be able to measure any space you’re buying furniture for. How disappointing would it be to have finely purchased that Pottery Barn couch you’ve been lusting after only to bring it home to a space that is too small.
  3. Hammer – This tool is pretty self-explanatory and a staple of any toolkit. A small hammer works just fine. And you can even add a little personality by getting a fun color or custom hammer featuring your favorite team’s logo.
  4. Screwdrivers – Another staple is a set of screwdrivers. Just simple Phillips-head and flat-head screwdrivers are perfect for your needs. Having a couple different sizes can make any job easier as all screws are not created equal. You wouldn’t want to call maintenance to your Piscataway apartment just to tighten a screw on your dresser knob!
  5. Knife – Having a utility knife can come in handy. Sure, you could use your kitchen knives if you’re doing some fixing up at home, but why dull those? A sharp and compact utility knife can tackle any simple home improvement job.
  6. Multitool – A good multitool is just that – a tool for multiple purposes. Most multitools include pliers, wire cutters, Allen wrench, and more. They shouldn’t take the place of a full toolkit, but adding them to your Piscataway apartment’s toolkit can be a life saver.

Just because you don’t own a home, doesn’t mean you don’t need the ability to fix stuff. Having a solid toolkit on hand is key for any Piscataway apartment.