At apartments near West Windsor, there are things that we all need but that might not be the most attractive parts of our décor. However, there are some unique ways that you can disguise these necessities to try and reduce their imposition in your overall home décor vision. Whether you have an outdated appliance or lots of unsightly vents to disguise, there are ways to make nearly everything look better. Here are some things you can do to spruce up every day things that are functional but not fashionable.

Appliances – Stainless steel is the most updated look for most appliances, but maybe what you have works just fine and you don’t have the dough to drop on replacing them for aesthetic purposes.  Luckily, you have options for updating the look of appliances at apartments near West Windsor! Did you know you can use stainless steel sheets on appliances? Something like a dishwasher can go from blah to bam with a simple DIY.

Tech stuff – Routers aren’t particularly fashionable, but we all need them. Why not cleverly conceal all your tech stuff so that people will think you know you’re well read? Simply by taking the cover of a book and placing it strategically over anything you want to hide.

Litter boxes – Not all apartments near West Windsor welcome feline friends, but if yours does, you know the struggle of appropriately locating and disguising your kitty’s litter box. You don’t have to just toss a tray in a closet and hope for the best. There are lots of chic kitty litter box covers on the market or you can DIY your own. Simply build a box and provide a cut out for entry and exit, then you’ll have a piece that’s functional and fashionable.

Don’t let apartments near West Windsor be brought down by ugly necessities. Spruce your space up with some simple tricks! rental apartment available for lease in West Windsor includes Princeton Terrace. Use’s apartment locator to find the residence that’s right for you.