New year, new you, right? One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to save money and stop carelessly spending so much. So, if this sounds like you, and if you’ve got a brand-new rental near North Brunswick to think about, here are a few ways to save a buck here and there so you can still live your best life.

  1. Trick yourself with your cash

Out of sight, out of mind–say every time you have a $5 bill in your wallet, you stow it away. Then deposit the total at the end of the year into your savings account. Or for a whole month, only use cash—you’ll realize right away how much you rely on your checking or credit cards for purchases. Consider only carrying around $20 bills—ever notice how hard it is to break this bill? You’ll be surprised how less tempted you are to purchase anything to avoid that feeling!

  1. Take advantage of the perks

North Brunswick’s cost of living may not be as steep as New York City or San Diego, but your rental will still require a huge chunk of your paycheck; look into what your employer offers on a regular basis. Is there coffee in the break room? Start relying on that instead of making a stop at Starbucks each morning. Are you an early gym-goer? Take your showers there before heading into work to save yourself money on water, shampoo, and hey, electricity. It sounds silly, but it all adds up.

  1. Relate time with money

Most of us are on salaries, but take a moment to figure out what your hourly rate is. From there, always keep that figure in mind while you’re shopping or spending money on yourself for things that aren’t a necessity. Instead of equating that number in relation to how much you may have left over, instead think about how many approximate hours you had to work in order to pay for that good or service. You may be surprised at how quickly your way of thinking changes when it comes to superfluous spending!

Even though many people are coming up on that mark in February where their resolutions have fallen to the wayside, don’t let that be you! Commit to a savings plan and both your wallet and your rental near North Brunswick will thank you.