Throwing a wine and cheese party can be one of most fun and culturally expansive ideas to entertain friends. Old Bridge apartments can be transformed into quaint and culinarily adventurous bistros by following a few tips that will wow your guests.

Décor. Keep your décor classy and elegant. Think about how your favorite bistro feels – soft lighting, delicate linens, and homey décor. If you’re throwing a themed wine and cheese party, feel free to go all out with décor that represents it! Focusing your food and wine on Spain? Outfit your Old Bridge apartment in rich colors like gold and red. Use dinnerware that reflects the style of your theme, too!

Cutlery. Make sure you have a knife for every cheese. This wine and cheese party should be a unique experience that celebrates the individual styles of each cheese. You won’t want to muddy the flavor of any of your specialty cheeses by cross-contamination.

Labels. Label each cheese and wine well – this is especially important in pairings. Rioja and manchego are meant to be, so make sure your guests know which is which! You can place cheese on a slate board and write the names right next to the cheese, or just put tiny flags in each to differentiate them. When it comes to wine, give each guest a way to label their own glass, whether by having wine glass charms or having them write their names on the glass. (Pro tip: If you use a Sharpie, it’ll wash right off with soap and water.)

Other Drinks. Make sure to offer some non-alcoholic beverage options. Aside from staying hydrated, you don’t want to alienate anyone who doesn’t want to have wine but would love to indulge in various cheeses. Also, designated drivers are thirsty, too!

No matter what theme or country of origin you select for your wine and cheese extravaganza, a good time will be had by all. Old Bridge apartments have never been so worldly!