The scarcest element on planet Earth is known as Astatine and is sometimes referred to as “Atomic Number 85” based on the number of protons around it’s nucleus. How scarce you may ask? If you picked through every crevice on the planet (13,170,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 pounds of it) you would find less than ONE OUNCE in the Earth’s crust.

Interestingly, wise entrepreneurs, keen business managers and deep philosophers argue that time is actually the scarcest element of all, forever lost once the moment has passed. Woodbridge based residents at Fox Hill Run, Forest View, Evergreen East, Evergreen Forest and Cloverleaf Gardens are invited to save their precious hours by joining Patricia Lucas-Schnarre for her presentation “15 Minute Strategy: A Time Efficient Approach to Growing Your Business” Tuesday, November 12 from 7pm – 8:30pm. While the program is free at the Woodbridge Public Library, registration is required.

Registrants for this free event will hear first-hand Ms. Lucas-Schnarre’s step-by-step guide to turn solid thinking into action and action into goal achievement.

A global marketing professional with extensive experience marketing and managing health & wellness businesses in Fortune 200 and start-up environments, Patricia’s expertise in brand management, innovation, global marketing and integrated marketing is widely recognized. An experienced innovation marketer with unique competence in leading teams to develop science and innovation into commercial opportunities, she is regarded as an inspirational leader adept at managing a broad range of professionals.

Part of Central New Jersey’s SCORE non-profit mentoring team, Patricia – a Duke University Fuqua School of Business MBA – will provide the necessary growth hacks to harness your fleeting hours and corral your business efforts to achieve greater success in less time. Apartment Locator interface is another convenient solution to saving you time when looking for desirable residences across the Garden State 24/7. Why wait?