It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Hallmark Christmas Movie season! Even better than snuggling up alone in your apartment near Rahway to watch this season’s premieres is inviting a few friends to enjoy the guilty pleasure with you! Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas has been happening for weeks, but now that it’s December, you’re free to exclaim your love of these heart-warming stories … at least to your closest friends! Hallmark is debuting a new Christmas classic almost every weekend, so now’s the time to check out their schedule and plan your soiree. Here are some tips on curating the perfect evening for your Hallmark-movie-loving friends.


If you haven’t put up a tree at your apartment near Rahway yet, do it before you host your party! Or, if you’re limited on space, look for a tree alternative that provides just as much warmth and nostalgia but doesn’t crowd your home. Either way, set the mood with festive decorations and enchanting lights that will make everyone feel like they’re right in the middle of a Hallmark movie!

Also, let your guests know what kind of attire to don. Looking for a comfy night of holiday cheer? Let them know they can wear their snuggliest pieces right on over to your place! Would you rather throw a bash that mirrors the characters in your favorite holiday Hallmark movie? Let them know to cater their attire to whatever you’re going for. Or, simply request everyone wear something with holiday cheer!


What’s a good party without delicious dishes? No need to go all out on preparing a meal, especially since you’ll be involved in watching a movie. But figure out some yummy snacks to have on hand for your crew. Things like popcorn, holiday cookies, and warm appetizers are perfect for this kind of event. If you want to go the extra mile, do a little research on what the pros at Home & Family have been cooking up and add some selections to your menu!


Warm your bones with a holiday-themed cocktail to celebrate your love of all things Hallmark! You’ll likely have the temperature set just right at your apartment near Rahway, so the winter winds won’t actually bother your guests. However, a movie-themed cocktail can transport them right into whatever film you’re watching. Consider offering both warm and cold cocktails that incorporate something movie related into them. Hot chocolate with Kahlua or a snowflake martini are some great options! Go with whatever works for you and your crew.

Hosting friends at your apartment near Rahway is one of the best ways to connect this holiday season, no matter what’s on TV. But bringing a few friends that have a love of Hallmark holiday cheer together is classic!