The new year’s trends for New Jersey apartment living include a mash-up fulfilling the needs of modern technology and spatial necessities for multiple inhabitants. Today’s new apartments are being shaped by people’s desire to streamline their lifestyles through home technology and cohabitation. Renters are looking for new homes with the capabilities to address the many ways in which technology is integrated into our daily lives. Rental homes and apartment communities are seeking to draw in residents who are looking to suit the needs of multiple inhabitants who utilize technology both personally and within their home products.

Smart appliances are an alluring convenience to add to your daily living. Refrigerators with ice makers are not going to cut it anymore. Smart appliances can include refrigerators, ovens, and dishwashers, but the most sought out smart appliances are washers and dryers. Smart appliances have the ability to connect to your home’s wifi and be controlled by your smartphone or tablet. This luxury makes it so much easier to control all of your home appliances, including your water heater and thermostat. You can start, stop, control, and set timers for many of these appliances, which leaves all of the brainwork out of your day to day, making it possible to concentrate on the things that really matter.  All in all, these smart appliances save money, energy, and time.

Voice assistant technology is an extension of these technological advancements that will make your home run smoothly. Developers are considering this trend for New Jersey apartment living and are designing apartments that will accommodate voice assistant technology, whether that be Google Home, Amazon Echo, or Apple HomePod. This handsfree technology gives us the ability to multi-task around the home and complete chores all while preheating the oven or checking the water cycle on your washer.

Even closet space has received an upgrade.  While many may think a walk-in closet is enough, the new trend for master bedrooms includes his and her closets. We love the benefits of cohabitation, but also want our own individual space for our storage needs. Speaking of space, since many rental communities lack any lawn or yard, urban gardens can provide you with sustainability and yet another way to cut your overall monthly costs. Urban agricultural gardens are an eco-friendly way to grow fresh vegetables and herbs on a rooftop or a small spot of open land by your apartment.

The best rental communities are able to wrap all of these trends for New Jersey apartment living into a contemporary home that suits its new residents both electronically, economically, aesthetically.