The Jurassic age took place 199 to 145 million years ago. At the start of the period, the breakup of the supercontinent accelerated while the northern half, broke up into North America and Eurasia. The southern half, began to break up by the mid-Jurassic. The eastern portion—Antarctica, Madagascar, India, and Australia—split from the western half, Africa and South America. New oceans flooded the spaces in between. Mountains rose on the seafloor, pushing sea levels higher and onto the continents. Birds, sharks, blood red plankton and forests of ferns dotted the warm moist tropical Earth as the oceans teemed with diverse and abundant life. Then there were the dinosaurs making their mark in a big way – literally!  Whether your tastes for these prehistoric creatures runs to the plant eating 50+ foot 80 ton Brachiosaurus or the bulky meat eating Allosaurus, prepare to travel back in time to an age when dinosaurs ruled the earth at the New Jersey Convention & Expo Center from 12/29-1/1 at Jurassic Quest!

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Edison based tenants at Edison WoodsEdison Woods Senior 55+Edison VillageBlueberry Village, & Rivendell Heights, are closest to the expo featuring America’s largest and most realistic dinosaur event. From the very small, to the gigantic, sky-scraping dinosaurs, Jurassic Quest has over 80 true-to-life size dinosaurs. In collaboration with leading paleontologists, each dinosaur was painstakingly replicated in every detail. 

In addition to the life-like Dinosaur Exhibits, there are many attractions and activities for all kinds of dinosaur fans. Dig up fossils like a real paleontologist or ride on the back of a huge 24ft T. Rex! There are countless dinosaur themed rides including inflatable mazes, huge slides, and the multitrack Dino Bungee Pull. At the Dinosaur Petting Zoo, little ones can pet dinosaurs that are more their size. Big or small, old or young you’ll have a dino-mite time! 

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