“Mommy, can I get a lizard?” I guess you could say that I knew her answer before she answered the question! I was just a brash 12 year old boy pining for an iguana just like my neighbor Michael had because that was SO cool. While I ended up with a more conventional West Highland White Terrier, perhaps life would have been a lot different back in the day if mom and I had had gone to a Super Pet Expo like the one coming to the New Jersey Convention Center 2/7-2/9 from 10am-7pm. Click here to buy your tickets today!

Edison based BestrentNJ.com tenants at Edison Woods, Edison Woods Senior 55+, Edison Village, Blueberry Village, & Rivendell Heights will have the literal pick of any litter when they attend this pet extravaganza! With over 170 exhibitors attending, visitors are even encouraged to bring their leashed pets to join them as they meet and greet pet experts with a variety of products and specialties, including training, nutrition and health.

In addition to dogs and cats, the expo will feature all varieties of pets including (but not limited to) birds, reptiles & amphibians, hermit crabs and many more. There’s going to be plenty to do whether you want to learn (What’s the best food for your pet’s unique needs? How do you find the right dog walker? And how can you keep your dog from barking at the doorbell?) or whether you want to be entertained (Dog Frisbee! Mister Crabs Show! Repticon! Cat-walk! Exotic Bird Show! and many more!). Interested in adopting? You can also speak with representatives from local rescue organizations to learn about the adoption process and bringing your pet back to your loving home.

There’s no better place than our beautiful Garden State where our Apartment Locator at BestrentNJ.com can make your next loving home a dream come true.