No, it’s not a new fitness craze.

“Upcycling” is a fancy word for turning trash into treasure. Old books, wood, picture frames, broken mirrors—with a little creativity, almost anything can be turned into a stylish accent for your Metuchen, NJ apartment.

Inspiration can come from anywhere: the garage, library, or estate sales; Craigslist or E-bay; dollar stores; even a consignment store.

Here are some ideas:

Books as Shelves. Yes, you read right. Not keen on the Insect Encyclopedia of 1903? Use a few volumes as shelves. Just attach some brackets to the wall and use the books to display your curios and collectibles.

Paper Tubes as Wall Art. Save those toilet and kitchen towel rolls—they can be cut, glued, and painted for gorgeous arts and crafts.

Shipping Pallet Shoe Rack. Once you think of it, it’s obvious; re-use an old shipping pallet as a shoe rack. Just mount it upright and store your shoes in the slats.

CD Case Frames. You burned CDs to your computer long ago, right? Well why not re-use the cases as photo frames?

Go to Pinterest for more upcycling ideas and stay tuned to Best Rent for more ideas on styling your Metuchen, NJ apartment!