Studios often get a bad rap, as space is limited and can sometimes translate into difficulty in entertaining. Luckily, there are incredible options out there nowadays that allow you to turn studio rentals near West Windsor, NJ into comfy, chic, and stylish spaces to call home. With these tips and tricks in mind, you’ll be able to elevate your comfort level as well as your sense of domestic style.

  1. Be dynamic

Since a studio space satisfies all the requirements of a bedroom, living room, dining room, and sometimes even an office, it’s best to get creative will all the elements in your space. Instead of bringing in a long coffee table, use smaller ottomans that can also double as additional seating for guests. A simple accent table along the wall can also be used as a dining table, a bookshelf, or even a vanity for the morning routine. You can also install a shelf above the bed and forego the nightstand to not only save space but to utilize the wall for practical use AND décor.


  1. Let’s get personal

When paying monthly for rentals near West Windsor, NJ, it can be easy to avoid adding personal touches to the walls due to fear of losing your security deposit. But again, these days, it’s easy to bring in your personality into your apartment without permanently damaging your walls, doors, or cupboards. Command strips and removable wallpaper are just a few details that can be incorporated into your apartment that will make it feel more “you” without screaming “damage.”


  1. Space it out

The whole idea of a studio is to have one large space that will satisfy all the other rooms. This doesn’t mean that you have to just shove all your belongings into the wide-open space without meaning—designate one corner for eating, one wall for entertaining (TV, books, photos), and one space for sleeping and relaxing. By doing this, it will not only be easier to entertain, but it’ll subconsciously be easier for you to unwind depending on how you want to “clock out.”

Rentals near West Windsor, NJ can be fabulous no matter the space!