Brewing coffee at home instead of making a stop at your local shop each morning is an easy way to save money—and avoid those lines, too! If you’re looking for another way to save a few pennies while living at apartments near Roselie Park, saving your used coffee grounds is a genius (and surprising) way to take advantage of what you already have. You wouldn’t believe all the ways your used grounds can benefit your home. Here are a few ways your grounds can serve as double-duty!

  1. Yardwork

Coffee grounds are a great deterrent for unwanted critters in your outdoor spot. Keep ants, snakes, and snails away by sprinkling used grounds around your perimeter; additionally, when you mix the grounds in the soil, you’ll attract worms which will only enhance the quality of it, which will further strengthen your plants, flowers, and even vegetables! If you don’t have access to a garden or any kind of outdoor care, you can keep roaches out of your home by filling a jar with grounds and lining the neck with double-sided tape.

  1. Cleanup

You wouldn’t believe it but used coffee grounds are great for cleaning up difficult and stubborn surfaces. From scrubbing pots and pans to removing tough stains or dried-on foods on counters, coffee grounds work just as effectively as a common kitchen sponge. Plus, if you mix them with baking soda, your used coffee grounds are great for absorbing odors. Who knew used grounds could keep apartments near Roselle Park fresh and homey!

  1. Beauty

Another shocking use for your used coffee grounds is for your personal care. If you mix them with some coconut oil, you’ve got yourself a natural exfoliator that will liven your senses AND make your skin feel smooth and fresh. If you’re hard on your hair during the week, consider massage the grounds into your hair before shampooing to strip it of all the product build-up. And again, it’s a great odor neutralizer, so after a hard day of cleaning or prepping a large meal.

Don’t throw away this golden home additive. Reuse and recycle at apartments near Roselle Park!