If you’ve grown up here in NJ, you know that it’s a great Garden State seasonal rite of passage to head out for mini-golf and few turns at the plate! Traditionally, these amusement based pleasures have been found down the shore but Woodbridge township residents at Station Village at Avenel, Gil Lane,Woodbridge Center Plaza, Colonial Gardens, Colonial Heights, Florida Grove Manor, Woodbridge Village,  Woodbridge Gardens, Hyde Park Village,Woodbridge Terrace, Green Plaza, Tyler Greens, Autumn Hills, Fox Hill RunForest ViewEvergreen EastEvergreen Forest and Cloverleaf Gardens can save the tire wear and gas $ by visiting nearby Woodbridge Community Centers Mini-Golf and Batting Cages nearby! 

Through June 23rd the course is open on Fridays (4pm-10pm), Saturdays (12pm-10pm) and Sunday (12pm-9pm). Take in the amazing views of the New York Skyline as you putt thru the water-themed challenging eighteen hole course with family and friends. For more info click right here and you’ll be taken to the Woodbridge Community Centers website page for mini golf and batting cage fun!

An Adelaide based “obsessed mini-golfer” who goes by the handle “VIXthepirate” suggests these 9 things to keep in mind when regarding Mini Golf as a “life philosophy”;

  • 1. Assess the course. Before jumping in, look at your goal from all angles. Run it through your mind’s eye before you even start the shot.
  • 2. Relax your body. You can’t take a good shot at anything when you’re tense. Breathe steadily and relax those muscles. 
  • 3. Keep your eye on the goal, not the course. The ball will go where you are looking, so don’t focus so hard on the traps and pitfalls and hurdles… look at the hole!
  • 4. Follow through. You’ve set a goal, now make it good! A putt is only as good as its follow through.
  • 5. Back up when you’re stuck. If you get caught up in a trap, move back. There’s a rule in mini golf that allows you to move a putter’s head width away so you have room to take your next shot. You can’t get out of the challenges if you’re too blocked in by them!
  • 6. Remember there’s always another shot. Hole-in-ones are great but rare. No one expects you to be a pro in one go! Plan your putts, get the most value out of your par. And remember that even if you run out of steam, you can always pick up your ball and move on and know you tried your best.
  • 7. Don’t always be tempted by the fastest (or ‘coolest’) way.Sometimes you’ll be presented with a choice: try to make it through an obstacle that blocks a shorter route, or take the longer way and go around the obstacle. Unless you have top skills (or are very lucky), choosing the shorter route may not always be the best way. If the obstacle is tricky, you could potentially spend more time trying to navigate it than if you had putted the ball around it. This is fine too; you can have a lot of fun overcoming a challenge (See next point) – just be mindful what your aim is for the game, if you’re after speed, the longer route may be the key.
  • 8. Challenges can be fun. Just because something is difficult, doesn’t mean you can’t try. Assess the obstacle and have a try. You may surprise yourself!
  • 9. Celebrate victories! No one minds if you do a little dance when you sink the ball! Get your jig on! You nailed it! 

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