Egyptian cotton, microfiber, thread count, weave – what does it all mean? When you’re shopping for new sheets for your Rahway apartment, figuring out what to buy can be tricky. Beyond fabrics, everyone says thread counts are something to consider as well, but is higher better? Here’s what to actually look for when buying your next set of sheets.


The real crux of finding the perfect sheet set is in the material it is made of. The material the sheet set is made of dictates a variety of things like season of use, overall feel, and general preference. Breathable fibers like linen or cotton are better for warmer climates as they offer moisture wicking abilities. In colder areas, or in the winter, using sheets made of flannel or silk are perfect options as a result of their ability to insulate.


The weave used to construct a sheet set matters in how the sheets feel and even look. Weaves that contain an even amount of vertical and horizontal lines build a stronger and more durable sheet with an overall crisp feel. Weaves in sateen sheets have more vertical than horizontal lines which creates a shiny look and feel but can also make them less durable.

Thread Counts

Turns out that thread counts don’t really matter. Even if a sheet set touts a high thread count, that number can be inflated dependent on the manufacturing process. The number that matters is about 200. If you buy anything under that, you might regret it. But if you buy anything over 800-thread count – it’s likely a lie!

A simple upgrade like a luxury set of sheets can make your Rahway apartment feel like a whole new world. Feel free to play with different fabrics and weaves but don’t get hung up on thread count. Armed with the right info, get ready to treat yourself!