Whether you’re moving into your Bloomfield, NJ, apartment and need to set up your utilities or if you simply need to switch your providers or transfer your service to another location, you can rest assured that the process is fairly simple and quite painless. With a quick reference to your lease agreement or a conversation with your landlord, you can get an immediate jump-start to the process.

Review your options

If you need to set up your utility services upon your move-in date, your lease agreement will let you know what you need to activate, and in most situations, they already have a relationship with a provider, so you’ll simply need to either sign up via the provider’s website or make a simple call. Luckily these companies are used to deactivating and initiating services for rental units all the time, so they’ll make the process easy and painless.

If you need to switch due to relocating, again, this is another common procedure, so you’ll simply need to make a call and arrange the transfer according to your move dates.

Prepare for some fees

In most situations, there are some activation, installation, or transfer fees. They’re not astronomical, but it’s helpful to have a heads-up so you’re prepared for a larger bill the first time around. These providers have been trained to communicate this during the initial conversation, so if they don’t mention it, be sure to inquire about them so you’re not alarmed or taken by surprise when you get the first bill.

Think ahead

In any situation, being organized and prepared is always a good thing, and setting up or transferring our utility services is no exception. These companies are always busy, especially at the beginnings and ends of months, as this is when the majority of people move. So as soon as you find out your moving dates, contact your utility providers as soon as you can to either set up an appointment for manual activation or transfer or ensure that service will be turned on by the time you get your keys and move into your Bloomfield, NJ apartment. Before you know it, you’ll feel right at home.