We’ve all lived in that one apartment where you didn’t have quite enough room to entertain let alone fit all of your stuff. It’s time to reclaim your space with these storage hacks for your Willingboro apartment rental.

You may think adding more to your apartment is the last thing you should do, but adding stacks of pretty boxes to hold your odds and ends is one of the best ways to add more storage. As a bonus, you know where everything is in each box. You can find any pattern or design in stackable boxes. You can even use them to separate rooms if you have an open floor plan.

Adding furniture like a rolling cart to your kitchen can help increase your storage and also double your counter space. Again, if you have an open floor plan, using a cart can help break up the room so you have clearly defined areas. Get a fun colored cart to show off your personality or go retro and find a little used cart you can DIY to fit your style.

Most apartments have tons of real estate on the walls – use this to your advantage and invest in shelves! Check with your landlord before you go hammering in holes (some landlords prefer to hang items for tenants since they know where the studs are already – bonus, you won’t need to buy anymore equipment).  If you don’t have wall space, buy leaning bookcases to add your personal touches to.

Use every available space for storage – this includes under beds, couches, behind tv stands, and on top of the cabinets already in the apartment. Use bins, drawer sleeves and plastic containers to really make the most of your Willingboro rental.

Finally, embrace drawers. Turn your nightstand into a workhorse by purchasing one with multiple drawers to store all of your smaller items. This will increase your counter space and help you stay organized with a drawer for a specific purpose like makeup brushes or books. Whatever you need storage for, don’t be afraid to experiment in your Willingboro rental. You might find those stackable boxes start with a huge trunk on bottom.