If you’re on a search for housing, you might be asking yourself, “what are the top reasons to rent?” Finding your next place to call home can be overwhelming, especially if you’re unsure as to whether you should rent or own. There are tons of options out there, and both buying and renting have their advantages, but if you’re wondering what the top reasons to rent are, here are just a few.

Consider the amenities and provided services

When you rent, your landlord will take care of snow removal and lawn maintenance, meaning you won’t have to spend your free time worrying about these tasks. If you experience any kind of malfunction within your apartment, your lease covers maintenance and repairs. If your building has communal space, like a laundry center or a lobby, you also won’t have to worry about upkeep. Plus, depending on your rental community, you might be able to take advantage of other perks, like a gym, playground, or even a pool.

More freedom

Renting an apartment allows you to live temporarily, meaning if you suddenly decide to take a job in a different geographic location or if you want to entertain the thought of just moving to a different neighborhood, it’s much easier to do than if you bought a home. Plus, depending on your agreement with your landlord, you can look into a month-to-month lease so you can have an even greater opportunity to leave on a whim should you want to.

Financial ease

Buying a home is a huge financial step and can often affect other aspects of life. Another top reason to rent? You can save tons of money. Without worrying about property taxes, a mortgage (or more than one), and maintenance fees, you’ll only have to be concerned with the cost of your rent and utilities. Plus, if you decide to move, you won’t have to worry about the stress of selling your home, which can be an entirely different level of complication and financial burden.

Buying a home and renting an apartment both have their own sets of advantages and downsides, but when asking yourself, “what are the top reasons to rent?” these should give you a pretty good idea as to why checking out apartments is a great move.