Are you researching renting an apartment with no credit in Hillsborough, NJ? Do not feel as though this is an impossible feat! There are ways in which you can still appeal to property owners and present yourself as a confident future resident. One option is looking for apartments and rentals that do not require a credit score check. Websites with private listings can get you in contact with property owners who will look at other factors to assess you as a good future resident. Consider a roommate who will not only help with the monthly costs of independent living but one who might possibly have a credit history that would appeal to a future landlord.

Thankfully there are some ways to present yourself as a financially stable future resident. There are three easy strategies: have a steady, provable income, have a recommendation, or have a co-signer. Reference letters from previous landlords, your bank, or previous/current employers can help support you as a positive financial candidate. Choose people who can vouch for your financial relationship and provide praises regarding your financial history with them. A steady, provable income can help even if you’ve haven’t built up credit. Ensuring you have sufficient income will assure potential landlords that you will always pay your rent on time. If you still feel the need to further prove that you’re a trustworthy resident, then a co-signer can provide property owners with further protection in their financial investment. A co-signer can help you meet the necessary credit qualifications the apartment owners are looking for, which you may lack.

If you are looking to rent an apartment with no credit in Hillsborough, NJ, being prepared is key. Even if you are not asked to pay a larger security deposit, you can offer a larger initial payment as insurance that you will be a financially stable renter. Taking the time to increase your savings for this potential cost is important. While you take the time to save more for upfront costs, you can also begin developing your credit by applying for a secured credit card or credit building loan. Getting a car loan in your name with a co-signer is another way to begin building your credit. If you just graduated from college, start paying those student loans to start your credit history off right.

Renting an apartment with no credit in Hillsborough, NJ, is possible if you show that you are a financially responsible person who is working to create a positive financial profile!