Renting an apartment near Edison, NJ, means you’ve just found your new home, a place to keep all your treasures and a zone where you can enjoy your own space. Luckily, if you’re thinking of starting a renters insurance plan to keep all of your belongings safe from harm or theft, there are cheap and practical options available so you can rest easy that in any situation, your things can be covered. Bonus: if you’re already paying car insurance, most providers offer a tremendous discount on renters insurance, so definitely start there! Here are a few surprising items that can be covered with a standard plan:

Your Devices

These days, your computer and smartphone most likely go with you at almost all times. If these possessions get damaged, lost, or stolen, many plans will help cover the cost of repair or replacement. Each case is entirely different, so it’s worth a look into finding out what’s covered in your specific plan depending on the value of these devices.

Your Bike

Living in an apartment near Edison, NJ, means that you could very easily get around by bike. Should anything happen to your main source of transportation from fire or flood or even theft, most plans will cover your set of wheels. Even if you park it at a location not on your residential site and you find it suddenly missing or damaged, you can still be covered!


Strange things happen, even in your own home. If you have a guest over that faces injury in your home, many policies will cover any kind of legal fees or medical bills that incur as a result of that accident. This is definitely a benefit so that you won’t get stuck with the bill – or an awkward friendship.

Other Valuables

Do you have a precious and valuable family heirloom? Do you collect pieces of art? When customizing your renters insurance plan for your apartment near Edison, NJ, it’s crucial to note these items and their financial value so that in the event of any kind of disaster or theft, there’s documentation for your protection.

In a few simple steps, you can cover basically your entire life. What are you waiting for?