Did you know there’s a quick way to upgrade the bedroom at your rental in Old Bridge, NJ, in just a day for under $100? There is! And it all starts at the end of your bed. No matter the size of your bed or bedroom, you can always add a little additional storage on the cheap. The key is at the foot of your bed. You’ve seen those massive bedrooms with practically an entire living room set in them, right? You don’t need that much space. Just adding a storage bench at the foot of your bed can provide a chic look and a place to store extra blankets, out-of-season clothes, or anything else you might want! The best part is that you can find lots of attractive options for under $100.

What’s in Store?

The first thing you want to figure out on your storage bench search is what you’ll be storing in it. The items you’ll store will dictate the style of the piece. Will it be open? Do you need it closed? Will you buy baskets for it? Think about what you need to store. If it’s next season’s clothes, you might opt for closed storage. If you want to showcase your extensive collection of books, maybe you’ll have an open storage bench. Your piece should work for you.

Get Creative

Into DIYing? Then here’s another opportunity to get creative at your rental in Old Bridge, NJ! Whether you want to craft something from scratch or refinish an antique treasure, this is a great project to get your creative juices flowing. Many craft stores sell bare wooden crates – you could buy two or three and attach them then personalize the wood however you like. Now you have quick, cheap, and chic open storage for the end of your bed!

Think Outside the Box

Adding storage to the end of your bed doesn’t have to come in the form of a bench or box. If you think outside the box, nearly anything can become a storage bench! Instead of purchasing one, long storage bench, think about two smaller ottomans pushed together. This might be a cheaper option and can add a funky look to your bedroom.

No matter what you find to add to your rental in Old Bridge, NJ, make sure if reflects your style!