Wall decals are the best! They can really give a room a professional look and feel without having to paint. Even though they’re an easy way to personalize your space, removing wall decals at your Ewing, NJ, apartment rental isn’t quite as simple. If you’re hoping to get your security deposit back, the walls of your apartment should look as smooth and clean as they did when you moved in. Stickers leave textured patches that can be a pain to remove. Remember how surprised you were that Mom got mad that day you decorated your bedroom walls with your sticker collection? Now you probably understand why.

Some brands are removable, and so if you find your decals just peel off with no trouble, then you’re one of the lucky few. Most brands tend to leave a crusty, flat residue that can even lift paint from the wall. Many people are tempted to sand the affected walls, but that always creates a much bigger mess than you’ll want to deal with.

The hairdryer method is pretty reliable for vinyl wall stickers. This little handheld hot air machine is great at warming the adhesive underneath. Keep in mind that no matter how rushed you feel, wall decals rush for no one. Patience is key to this process. You’ll want to aim the hairdryer toward the edges of the decal and start slowly pulling the edges away from the wall once the adhesive is warm to the touch. Heat another section and repeat until the entire sticker has been lifted. This method is easiest when the decal stays intact. To minimize breaking, hold the vinyl next to the wall surface rather than pulling up from a 90-degree angle. If a residue remains on the wall, a little nail polish removal or other acetate-based product can easily take care of it.

If you’re dealing with a soft adhesive while removing wall decals at your Ewing, NJ, apartment rental, a little gentle persistence can go a long way. Use the hairdryer to soften the layer of goo, then push it with your finger and roll it into a ball. If that’s not working, apply a little baby oil with a soft cloth and let it sit for 20 minutes. It should rub right off afterward. There are products you can buy that remove sticker residue from a variety of surfaces, but be sure to do your research to find out whether it’s safe for use on the material you’re dealing with.

Even the most meticulous, patient person can end up accidentally peeling some paint during these processes. This is no time to panic! Chances are, your apartment walls aren’t an obscure color that is impossible to match. Most hardware stores can easily match your wall color.

Removing wall decals at your Ewing, NJ, apartment rental can seem like a daunting task, but with a little patience and your trusty hair dryer by your side, you can get your walls back to looking super boring again, just in time for the final walkthrough.