You read that correctly—the fridge isn’t just for your produce and dairy anymore. Nowadays, much of our beauty routine takes place in the kitchen, believe it or not. Not only does the cooler temperature help your products retain a longer shelf life, but they tend to work better when chilled. Florham Park, NJ, is no stranger to cooler temperatures, so just think of it as making your apartment one with the outdoor environment! To give you some extra space in your bathroom AND make the most out of your daily routine, here are a few of the products that will benefit from some time in the chill.

  1. Nail polish

At apartments near Florham Park, NJ, keeping your colors in the colder temperatures (and the dark) will protect the chemicals from sun/light damage and will prevent the polish from clumping. Hint: before usage, keep the bottle in room temperature for a few minutes to allow the polish to thin out. Then paint away!

  1. Active Ingredients

This means your acne treatment or anything with Vitamin C—if these products are exposed to warm temperatures or bright spaces, it’ll make those very active ingredients inactive. So, even if yours of the many apartments near Florham Park faces the east for a perfect sunrise, it’s still not a great idea to store these items on the windowsill.

  1. Melted lipstick

This is one of the most disappointing things to happen to a girl on-the-go. Warm temperatures can quite literally deflate our best beauty products, resulting in our own deflation of confidence. For a quick fix, place the tube in the refrigerator to make your rouge solid again. Once it’s firm again, you can now reshape it, making it close to brand new.

  1. Facial mists or toners

By keeping these products chilled, you’ll not only bring a “shot” of energy to your day due to the slightly shocking cold temperature, but the chilled mists provide de-puffing benefits. Didn’t sleep well the night before and need to get rid of your swollen peepers? That’s when you’ll realize the effects of keeping these products in your refrigerator!

If you’re not refrigerating certain beauty products at apartments near Florham Park, NJ, then you’re throwing money out the window! And, with the new year upon us, it’s time to tighten up those purse strings and save some dough on your beauty routine.