You finally have your apartment in Willingboro, NJ, set up the way you want it. It reflects your personality with all of its decorations painstakingly chosen and the color scheme carefully thought out and adhered to. Unfortunately, your apartment also reflects dust.

No one likes dusting; it’s one more thing you have to do and it never ends. Luckily there are some easy tips to help you in your cleaning efforts and reinvigorate your apartment in Willingboro, NJ.

The biggest tip is to minimize the spaces where dust can collect. Added bonus, your apartment in Willingboro, NJ, will get a facelift too. Start by finding all the places where dust lingers. Once you’ve identified these areas, start implementing these five tips:

  1. Start from the outside in: Using a good quality door mat at your main entrance and wiping your shoes off at the door can cut back on a ton of random dirt and dust that floats into your home each time you enter and exit. Implementing a no-shoe policy and keeping windows closed will also keep dust from blowing in.
  1. Minimize: Fewer knick-knacks means less time dusting. Can’t bear to part with them? Try arranging your knick-knacks in shadow boxes around your apartment in Willingboro, NJ. You’ll still need to dust the tops of the boxes if you’re hanging them, but it’s one swoop rather than picking up and rearranging everything each time you dust.
  1. Tidy, tidy, tidy: Have a pet? Regularly brushing your furry friend or friends reduces errant hair. Fabrics and paper also disintegrate and produce a form of dust which makes putting away your laundry even more of a must. Recycling old magazines and newspapers will also cut back on your dusting.
  1. x paper: Use wax paper after cleaning to line the tops of cabinets. You won’t see the paper from below and it will prevent build up. Just remember to switch out the paper a couple of times a year or you’ll have a new problem in your apartment in Willingboro, NJ.
  1. Change your air filter: This is a big one most people forget and why would you remember? It’s out of sight, out of mind, but making sure you check and maintain your air filter will eliminate dust before it reaches the ground.

Happy cleaning! And remember, stay tuned to BestRentNJ for more lifestyle tips and news about your apartment in Willingboro, NJ, and beyond!