Cleaning is never ranked high on the things people enjoy doing. The top complaints are the time it takes and the products used to actually clean your Roselle Park apartment. Luckily, there are some hacks to shorten your cleaning time and make sure you can maintain the fresh feel.

Sometimes 10 minutes is all you need to do the following tasks so your apartment looks fresh and spotless:

Change your sheets. This is a big one since most people let this go for longer than they should. Who doesn’t enjoy sliding into fresh clean sheets at night?

Streak-free. Windows are mostly forgotten, except if you have kids or pets that put their noses to the glass. Wipe down your windows to let the sun shine through and bring more light to your Roselle Park apartment. If you have plants, they’ll thank you for the extra light.

Tidy your art. It’s always nerve wracking when you go to hang up your artwork, but it sure beats trying to enjoy stuff that’s propped up against a wall or lying on an end table. Not only will your apartment look more put together, but you’ll add the cozy feel of home once your pictures are where they should be.

Clean up the shower. Don’t forget to sanitize your shower curtain! That pink stuff at the bottom of your shower liner is actually bacteria. Don’t let mildew creep up on you, take down your liner and curtain, throw them in the wash and enjoy a pleasantly fresh shower for the next couple showers you take.

Technical cleaning. If you have a touch screen computer or even an iPad, don’t forget to clean the smudges! Your fingers leave streaks on every surface and with screens, it’s easier to see. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe down all screens including your phone and TV.

Fuzz-free furniture. Finally, if you have pets in your Roselle Park apartment, it’s time to get a handle on the pet hair. No one wants to mess up their outfit just by sitting on a sofa covered in hair. Grab a roller or a rubber glove if you don’t have a roller and do a once over on your couch. Next time you sit down, you won’t have hair clinging to you.