Microsoft’s Powerpoint is by far the king of presentation software programs and a ubiquitous presence in corporations, schools, organizations and universities across the globe. At some point you’ll need to present your lecture or proposal to an audience or perhaps you are a seasoned user. Novice or pro, all too often we “stack our deck” so to speak in ways that actually prevent us from getting our points across.

Good news awaits our Edison based tenants at Edison Woods, Edison Woods Senior 55+, Edison Village, Blueberry Village, & Rivendell Heights who can prepare to purge their Powerpoint missteps from their next presentation. Middlesex County College will be presenting a seminar on 2/13 @ 2pm custom tailored for those who educate using this swiss army knife of presentation programs entitled; “Talking About Teaching: PowerPoint Perfection.” Click here to register for this free enlightening lecture which will be held at the college in Crabiel Hall, Amboy Room A & B.

While the specific and stated goals of this seminar is to “enhance your students’ experiences and learning,” gaining insights into one type of Powerpoint application will definitely enhance your overall expertise whether academic or corporate.

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