March typically brings the beginnings of warmer weather, and two great party opportunities. One is date-specific: St. Patrick’s day, and all its revelry, which always falls on March 17. So, that means the parties always happen around March 17 — and can last a few days if the 17th falls on a weekend.  And then there’s March Madness. The weeks-long celebration of college basketball, where the top NCAA teams square off against each other until one team emerges as the national champion.

So, what makes March Madness fun? Well, there’s the challenge of choosing your brackets as people tend to make bets on where each of the 64 participating basketball teams will win and lose games as the tournament progresses. And then there’s watching your team play the tournament… which means a lot of opportunities for get-togethers at your Monroe NJ apartment

Want to prep for March Madness and your gathering(s)?  There are some great ways to celebrate the NCAA and the ending of the collegiate basketball season.

If you have the space for it, get some big sheets of easel paper or the static-cling whiteboard sheets, and paper a whole wall at your Monroe NJ apartment with them. Then, create empty brackets that you can fill in as different teams win and lose throughout the tournament.

Now, what makes a party — besides the game, of course — is the food. What can you serve beyond the basic chips, popcorn, pizza or wings? How about taking some inspiration from the universities themselves? If Villanova plays UNC, what would you serve? How about cheesesteaks and Carolina BBQ? Or if Georgia Tech is playing, make sure peanuts or peaches are part of one of your dishes. Hawaii playing? Serve Hawaiian pizza. You get the idea.  And the same goes for drinks. Find a beer brewed near the colleges playing the game you’re watching, or the team you’re rooting for.


Of course, if you like your old standbys, that’s great too — it’s your party! Just enjoy the game in your Monroe NJ Apartment.