After watching the poignant 2017 film NOMADLAND starring the esteemed Frances McDormand, I asked myself; Could I survive, let alone thrive and enjoy a nomadic lifestyle in 21st century America?  Along with Ewing Township residents at Ewing Town CenterRiver Links and Delaware Heights I can finally begin to entertain answering these questions about life on the road when Jags Empowered Nomads presents PLAN YOUR EPIC BUCKET-LIST ROADTRIP a free 3 day workshop seminar starting Tuesday 5/10. To register for this exciting free workshop, click here and you’ll begin a journey of a lifetime with just a few small steps. 

A virtual workshop will be held at the same time from Tuesday 5/10, then on Wednesday 5/11 concluding on Thursday 5/12. 

  • Day 1: Planning Your Epic Bucket-List Roadtrip
  • Day 2: All the Tools You Need to Survive on the Road and Actually Enjoy Your Trip
  • Day 3: I Want to Keep Traveling! Is NomadLife the Life for Me?

Your guide is Jags who has been living, working, and thriving on the road for nearly 5 years as a traveling healthcare professional and lifestyle coach. She also stakes the claims of road-trip-planner-extraordinaire, beer enthusiast, and lover of all things outdoors. Her interactive workshop will focus on her tried and true methods of planning so that you can plan an adventure of a couple weeks, a summer or even years! Click here to visit Jags’ Empowered Nomads website. 

The host promises to address all those burning questions we might have about an extended life on the road; for example…what about work? How does one survive on the road, let alone thrive? What about grizzly bears? And other stranger dangers? Where does one find epic campsites? Internet? How does one workout? Or cook? How does one make friends on the road? How does one deal with so much time alone? What’s it really like living in a small space like an RV or van? How does one downsize? What should one pack? And will being a nomad ruin a career!?!?

Whether you’re just starting out or retired, this workshop will explore what it takes to be a Nomad and how to make a life of extended travel sustainable…without a trust fund! 

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