The oft-heard expression, “three steps ahead of the game” may as well have its origins in the game of chess; a game who’s goal is to win based on increasing your accuracy by precisely determining your opponents next move in tandem with your own. That is a very valuable skill to acquire whether early or later in life, we can all agree. 

Brain games such as chess, bridge and word puzzles clearly have positive effects on adults and seniors who want to keep their minds sharp. Researchers have concluded that these fun challenging and engaging activities have a significant positive impact on mental function while providing a wide range of social and emotional benefits.

The Perth Amboy Public Librarys’ CHESS CLUB FOR ADULTS will be meeting on May 23 at 6:30 PM and Perth Amboy residents at Harbortown BreezeHarbortown TerraceHarbortown PortsHarbortown SailState FayyetteHarbortown HeightsFlorida Grove ArmsHarbortown Ports North EastConvery Gardens & Hidden Village are invited to partake. 

All levels are welcome! For more info please call the library at 732-826-2600. 

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