Had it not been for Laura Rand Orthwein, Jr. (better known as Laura X) we’d probably have no day – let alone a whole month – dedicated to the contributions women make to society at large. While Women’s History Month traces its beginnings back to the first International Women’s Day in 1911 it was Laura X who organized a march in Berkeley, California, on International Women’s Day in 1969.  Before that year, International Women’s Day had been largely forgotten in the United States.  That one 1969 march led to the creation of The Women’s History Research Center, a central archive of the women’s movement from 1968 to 1974. To visit the National Women’s History Month website, click here for an even deeper dive. 

Perth Amboy residents at Harbortown BreezeHarbortown TerraceHarbortown PortsHarbortown SailState FayyetteHarbortown HeightsFlorida Grove ArmsHarbortown Ports North EastConvery Gardens & Hidden Village whose curiosity is piqued to join other women in celebrating and impacting their communities are invited to attend the Perth Amboy Public Library’s 3rd Annual WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTH CELEBRATION Panel on March 23 @2pm. 

By clicking here you’ll be taken directly to the registration page for this celebration of women’s contributions to our community and our planet. 

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