When it comes to appreciating that which we have, I suggest the first place we should look is down. It’s Mother Earth who holds wonders, treasures, questions and answers for all those grateful for her manifold blessings. Edison residents at  Edison WoodsEdison Woods Senior 55+Edison VillageBlueberry Village, & Rivendell Heights will find no greater opportunity to explore the planets bounty than attending the NJ MINERAL, FOSSIL, GEM & JEWELRY SHOW at the New Jersey Convention & Exposition Center from 5/11-5/15. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or serious experienced rock hound collector, you’ll find it here at what is touted to be according to the event organizers “…the largest public mineral, fossil, gem & jewelry show east of Denver, CO.” 

To register for this event simply click right here and you’ll be taken to the Eventbrite ticket page with specific information about some of the unique items being exhibited and offered for sale. 

Show hours are the following; 

  • May 11 Wed: Noon – 8p (advance ticket holders can enter at 11 am)
  • May 12 Thurs: Noon – 8p (advance ticket holders can enter at 11 am)
  • May 13 Friday: Noon – 8p (advance ticket holders can enter at 11 am)
  • May 14 Saturday: 10a – 7p (advance ticket holders can enter at 9 am)
  • May 15 Sunday: 10a – 6p (advance ticket holders can enter at 9 am)

Here’s some trivia to whet your appetite for the show!  

  • MINERALS: Gold is an elemental mineral which is also considered a precious metal. In pure form, it is so soft that it can be shaped by hand. In fact, an ounce of pure gold (roughly the size of a matchbox) can be flattened into a sheet the size of a tennis court, or stretched to create a wire 50 miles long. The largest pure nugget of gold was discovered in 1869, in Australia, and weighed in at approximately 156 pounds – enough to create a gold sheet larger than four football fields, or a wire which could wrap the circumference of earth approximately 5 times!
  • FOSSILS: In 2018, a fossil of the Crossvallia waiparensis was discovered in New Zealand. This prehistoric penguin lived between around 56 and 66 million years ago, and based on the skeleton, researchers determined that it was about 5 foot 3 inches tall. It’s one big bird, but it’s not the tallest penguin predecessor in history: Palaeeudyptes klekowskii could have been 6 foot 5!
  • GEMS: During WWII, gemstones from the British Crown Jewels were hidden in a biscuit tin and then buried deep underground at Windsor Castle. A trapdoor used to access the secret area where the tin box was kept still exists today!

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