Cleaning Middlesex County rentals can be overwhelming, especially if you’ve let a week go. But, by following three simple words, you can create a more focused and efficient way to clean your space. Following the walls is a new way to think about cleaning. It’s sort of like sticking to the outside of the grocery store when you’re shopping, except instead of avoiding processed foods, you’re avoiding missed spaces you forgot to clean! Here are some tips to guide you through cleaning your apartment by following the walls.

Top to Bottom

Start with the top corner of each wall and follow it down. If there are any stray cobwebs in the corners, you’ll spot them. If you have chair rails with dust on them, you’ll snag it. No parts of your actual walls will be left dirty. In addition, all the furniture you come into contact with by looking from top to bottom will get a thorough cleaning as well.

Divide and Conquer

Think of each room as a separate cleaning project. When you take the whole of Middlesex County rentals into consideration when cleaning it can become overwhelming. By looking at each room individually, you’ll be able to more efficiently tackle the job because you won’t be thinking about ALL the cleaning you’re tasked with. After you are done with one room, take a quick break to recharge and plot out your plan for the next. This way you won’t feel beaten down by the end of your cleaning day.

Save the Worst for Last

This seems counterintuitive but saving a space like the kitchen for last makes you get the rest of the place done before tackling the most involved room. It’s kind of like the cleaning prize at the end of the race, except it’s the hardest part. In a weird way, it makes you stay on task and focus on getting to what really needs to be cleaned.

Middlesex County rentals will be spotless in no time with this simple process. Ok, maybe it’ll take some time but it’s worth it for a sparkling apartment!