Moving into your first apartment is no doubt exciting and liberating. You have your own space to call your own and make it into a home. You more than likely want to make sure your space reflects your personality and also offers a space for relaxation and comfort. So, to bring your personality into your apartment near Lawrenceville, NJ consider researching DIY projects to not only make your unit unique and totally “you” but so you can also save a buck or two along the way. From furniture upgrades to décor alterations, the options are endless!

  1. A simple paint job goes a long way

From dressers to tables to even area rugs, a fresh coat of paint can truly breathe new life into a piece of furniture that may have seen better days. Many paint lines now have unique interior colors that can also add in dimension, like rose gold or even chalkboard so you can make notes on your coffee table when inspiration strikes. Don’t be afraid of color—use hues that calm, inspire, energize, or even excite!

  1. Get creative with your wall hangings

Nailing photo frames and clocks to the wall are pretty predictable and can be pretty bland and sometimes boring. Hang a bathroom mat for something a little different (adds texture, too!) or experiment with other ways to fashion your gallery wall—try hanging your frames from string instead or using odd angles for something a little different. There’s simply no wrong way to personalize when it comes to DIY!

  1. Play with the light

Whether your apartment near Lawrenceville, NJ has overhead lighting or if you rely on lamps, consider getting crafty with your fixtures. It’s easy to look into basic lampshades, but even mixing it up with customization like tassels can make a dramatic difference in your overall ambiance. If you’re feeling particularly crafty, try your hand at welding your own lighting décor. These days, pendant lights are super trendy and pretty easy to create on your own—you just need some time and inspiration!