Moving out of your Florham Park, NJ apartment can be super easy with some early preparation prior to the end of your lease. Whether you are upgrading your living space or relocating to a new town, these steps will make your move a smooth process and ensure you receive your security deposit back.

Provide your landlord with at least 30-days notice prior to your move. Some rental homes may require more notice, so double check your lease to avoid any early termination fees or any automatic lease renewals.

Be sure to change your address in order to receive mail at your new home. You can pick up a change of address form at your local post office or submit your new address with the USPS online. Complete the change of address with the post office at least two weeks before your moving date. Don’t forget to call credit card companies and doctor’s offices to give them the update too. Next, you’ll want to call utility companies to inform them of your change of address. Some apartment management offices will take care of shutting off utilities like electricity, gas, and water for you, but you should cancel or transfer service with any of the utilities that are your responsibility.

To truly be sure you get your security deposit back before moving out of your Florham, NJ, apartment, clean your place from top to bottom. When the rental property sees a sparkling clean apartment, they will feel confident in turning over the property to the next resident. You’ll want to give the apartment a good scrub in order to make it look like it is in move-in condition. Thoroughly wipe down the kitchen appliances, consider renting a carpet cleaner, and remove any nails from the walls. You can also ask your property manager for their own checklist to cover all the bases. As you’re cleaning up and packing your items, start to place all of your keys in one location to be ready to hand over the key to your property and any access keys to a laundry room or pool.

Once you have taken care of giving notice, changing your address, calling all the necessary companies, and cleaning your home, it is time to schedule a final walk-through with your property manager. With a final check from them, you can finish off any last items they note during the walk-through and you are ready to load your moving truck to head to your new home. If you take care of these essentials before moving out of your Florham, NJ apartment, you’ll easily be on your way!