Moving to a new city can be an exciting opportunity to lay down new roots and start fresh. If you’re settling into a new apartment near Florham Park, there are some things you should do beyond unpacking to explore your new city and make it feel like home. Getting familiar with your new town is important in making you feel comfortable more quickly. Here are some ways to dive right in to your new area.

Walk Around

Putting feet to the streets is the quickest way to get familiar with your new area. Even if your new city isn’t that walkable, just exploring your neighborhood on foot can be a game changer. Get out of your new apartment near Florham Park and see what’s around!

City Publications

Does your new city have a magazine or newspaper? Subscribe! Reading about your community and it’s happenings is a great way to get familiar with the vibe of the city and what’s going on around you. Even if your specific zip code doesn’t have a publication, subscribe to one that covers the county or general metropolitan area.


Better yet, if your new city doesn’t have a physical publication, find some local blogs to follow. The internet of things has put the world at your fingertips and that includes information that’s closer to home. Even if you’re just reading reviews on Yelp, you’ll get a sense of the best places to eat, shop, and have a great time in your new city.

Eat Alone

This might sound strange, but eating alone and starting a conversation with servers and bartenders can be a great way to learn more about your new area. If you don’t want to have an entire meal alone, just post up at the bar of a local hot spot and spark up a conversation. You never know what you might find out!

Moving to a new apartment near Florham Park is a great opportunity to explore a new community and get involved. Happy hunting!